Eastern Corridor (Station 1 to 14)


25th March 2021: Engagement with Kayu Ara Business Park (KABP) representatives on Work Package Contractor’s flood mitigation measures. From left (starting from gentleman in navy shirt and crossed arms): Mr. Tan Chin Keong, Mr. K.K Yaow, Encik Ramli bin Daud and Encik Nazeff Talib.
2 September 2020 – MRCBGK representatives meet YB Jamaliah Jamaluddin, ADUN Bandar Utama (centre in pink) to clarify concerns raised by the Kayu Ara residents.
24 June 2020 – MRCBGK representatives, Lot 925 landowner, En. Nazeff (looking down, bespectacled in dark grey shirt) and Ketua Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, Tok Ramli (with songkok) discussing upcoming pipe relocation works near En. Nazeff’s land.
17 August 2019: MRCBGK representatives gave the residents of Damansara Utama Residents and Owners Association (DUROA) an overview of the LRT3 project. The session also enabled residents to express their concerns regarding ongoing LRT3 works.


23rd March 2021: Site walk with Petronas representatives (two individuals at the centre) on the upcoming road closure.
25 August 2020 – Engaging Mr. Rick Low, Chairman of Damansara Legenda Owners and Residents Association to discuss environmental-related concerns within the residential area.
18 December 2018: MRCBGK representatives met YB Maria Chin Abdullah, Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya (third left) to discuss actions taken to mitigate issues faced by residents in GS02, GS03 and GS04.


24 July 2020 – MRCBGK representatives discussing with Kelana D’ Putera (KDP) Residents’ Association on upcoming works near KDP.


20 November 2020 – Representatives of MRCBGK, Work Package Contractor (WPC) Gabungan Strategik and Emira Management Office’s Building Manager Mohamad Hakim Jamaluddin (seated, centre in black shirt) discussing the mitigation plans relating to LRT3 night work activities.


27 August 2020 – Representatives of MRCBGK and Work Package Contractor (WPC) APEX Communications discuss with En. Mohd Yusof Mahmud, Director of Finance from Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) (seated, centre in light blue shirt) relating to the SACC management’s request for hoarding with mural painting near the building.
13 August 2019: Representatives of MRCBGK, WPC Apex Communications and Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) led by Aizurra Mellissa, Vice President, Strategic Communications of BSN (seated, centre with black tudung) discussed actions taken to mitigate issues that will affect the BSN building upon commencement of LRT3 works.
17 May 2019: Having a discussion with Tn. Hj. Zahamruz Ahmad, SIRIM’s General Manager, Asset Management Department (first left with white songkok) on the hoarding installation works, noise and vibration issues affecting the SIRIM office building.


19th April 2021: Meeting with Shah Alam Residential Association’s representatives Datuk Salamon Salamat (gentleman in blue shirt), Encik Zaini Ithnin (next to Datuk Salamon) and Encik Ahmad Zamri (gentleman with kopiah) on the underground tunnel progress.
8 May 2020: MRCBGK representatives discussed issues relating to the Underground Package (UG) with the residents of Majlis Perwakilan Penduduk Zon 2 (MP1 PZ2).
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