Award of PDP
September 1, 2015
Announcement of Qualified Applicants for LRT3 Package (Infrastructure & Systems)
May 4, 2016

Announcement Of Qualified Applicants For LRT3 Package (Infrastructure And Systems)

KUALA LUMPUR – MAY 4, 2016: Prasarana Malaysia Berhad announced today the completion of the pre-qualification stage of competitive tendering of the 37km- Light Rail Transit Line 3 (LRT3) project.

This initial phase of pre-qualification resulted in the identification of 96 compliant tenderers out of 124 that met the requirement of a weightage-based evaluation criteria, as advertised previously.

To qualify, each applicant were evaluated based on their individual company structure, financial information, proven experience, project implementation structure, among others.

As the pre-qualified tenderers have been shortlisted, LRT3 Project Owner Prasarana and Project Delivery Partner MRCB George Kent (MRCB GK) will now initiate the tendering process for the LRT3. The tender period extends from May 2016 onwards from the first submission of the first scheduled tender to the final award of the last scheduled tender.

This was announced by Dato’ Azmi Abdul Aziz, President & Group Chief Executive Officer of Prasarana at a briefing to the pre-qualified tenderers today.

“Pre-qualification is no guarantee of work and it is the responsibility of tenderers to ensure that all of the documents submitted are true, accurate, legitimate and complete as per requirements stated in the tender document. If any information is found to the contrary, Prasarana reserves the right to disqualify the applicants,” Azmi said.

Azmi also reiterated Prasarana’s commitment to an open, transparent and honest tender process for the LRT3.

“We are firm in our commitment that all parties will adhere to high standards of integrity throughout the execution of the project.

“I would want to take this opportunity to wish all aspiring bidders all the best for the tendering process. Successful bidders will play an important role in realising the LRT3 aspiration – to extend connectivity to the Western Corridor of Greater Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. The LRT3 will be a vital addition of the Urban Rail Development Plan (URDP),” Azmi added.

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