Introduction to U-Trough

The viaduct of the LRT3 will be constructed using the U-trough technology, a world class technology that is being utilised for the first time in a Malaysia railway project.

An integrated design, U-trough has an in-built noise barrier and a typical length of 30 metres. The use of this technology helps ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding areas as the structure will be precast before being transported to the respective construction sites. Hence, public safety will also be enhanced due to no on-site works.

The LRT3 project deploys 2,061 U-Trough girders linewide. As of 30th June 2022, 2,040 units (100% percent) of U-Trough girders have been casted while 1,730 units (84.8%) have been delivered.

Year Total Cast Girders (Units) Percentage (%) Total Delivered Girders (Units) Percentage (%) Total (Units)
As of 31 December 2021 1,894 91.8% 1,470 71% 2,061
As of 29 March 2022 2,013 97.7% 1,642 79.7% 2,061
As of 30 June 2022 2,040 100% 1,730 84.8% 2,061
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